5 Reasons
You ​Could Join the Internet's
Most Introspective and Somatic 
Yoga Challenge*

  • ​You’re ready to practice a different kind of yoga that doesn't involve a teacher pushing you to go deeper into the pose after just telling you to honor your feelings.
  • ​You're beginning to think outside of the "traditional" yoga box and taking science/anatomy-based education into ​​consideration with your spirituality. This includes creating a healthy balance of strength, mobility and flexibility to reduce the risk of pain that can happen when you only focus on one aspect.
  • You have an inkling that ​most of what you see with:
    • Trendy yoga studios

    • Instagram

    • and *insert your yoga stereotype here*…

  • ​Whether you have a curvy body, prefer to wear sweats and an over-sized tee during practice or if you've got a few ​more vertebrae in your lumbar spine than that pretty and hyperbendy girl doing urdhva danurasana on a cliff, we get that you've got a unique body that you were born with.
  • This challenge embraces the aforementioned ​fact and stands by your personal choice in how you ​serve your mind-body, on and off the mat. ​We won't have a strict alignment focus here. ​Instead, we'll encourage introspection, interoception and an intimate journey of truly being in ​harmony with yourself​.

​Take a Sneak Peek at the Challenge Right Meow:

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*Ok, well maybe it's NOT the internet's most introspective and somatic yoga challenge, but it sounded cool to write*