[Day 0]: Let’s Get Oriented

Lesson 1

Hey, there ! I'm happy to introduce you to the world of Yoga without the dogma! 

For those of you who haven't met me before, I'm Julie-- a normal human just like you. I'm also the founder of Rogue Yogi® a modern platform for multi-faceted wellness, sustainable yoga practices, with introspective and intimate care for our mind-body.

For the next 7 days, you'll be receiving a daily email with prompts to login here and access the videos demonstrating "modern" ways to approach the most "traditional" yoga poses. You'll also receive basic anatomy knowledge without the jargon so you can experience the nuances in how your body moves (without judgement or comparison).  

This challenge/mini-course intends to reduce the repetitive motion that can happen when we do any single thing too much. As a result, we will explore various ways to nourish the tiny nooks and crannies in our mind-body. 


1. A thorough guidance on applying the basics of Yoga to your life (as a complete newbie)

  • Whether you've been in a studio before or if this is your first exposure to Yoga, I'll address the key elements: Keeping your mind peaceful by paying attention to your natural breath, keeping your body healthy and strong, and enriching your mind at the same damn time.

2. Real-talk

  • I will be speaking without a filter. The information I learn will evolve and change over time. This means the content I teach you will def change. This is the "scientific" mindset, but it is also what it means to remain a humble Student.
  • There are pros and cons to practicing all sorts of different Yoga styles. But, following any teacher while ignoring your body's signals can be very dangerous. I break it down so you can make a fair assessment on what works for you (and what doesn't).

3. An occasional f-bomb, cuss word and calling out parts of the Yoga scene that are ridiculous

  • Yeah. Self-explanatory.

That being said, please honor your body where it's at.
If something you try does not feel good, it's your mind and body telling you it doesn't feel safe or that there's an imbalance going on.

Please consult a physician/physical therapist/physiotherapist/chiropractor for guidance.
Everything in this challenge does not replace their advice one bit.